So Let's Go - This year's Word, well, phrase

Last year, I set an intention for the year.  Inspired by Cassie at Wholefully (formerly Back to Her Roots), I chose the word(s) Want & Action.  

Overall, that was a success.  I still struggle with WANT, and I always will, but I started to get the hang of this ACTION thing.  In the past year I've started doing things, I sorted through some of my digestive issues, made new friends, increased my activity level, developed new (good) habits.  And all of this has made me a happier person to be around, I enjoy my company much more than I did this time last year. 

I've had some setbacks and holdups, but right now I'm sitting in the sunshine listening to a favourite album (Gordon by the Barenaked Ladies and just now I switched to Somewhere More Familiar by Sister Hazel), looking at my cat snooze in his basket, having finished a good coffee, connecting with friends and family online, thinking about the good food I will be making to get ready for a week of work at a job I love. 

With all of this, I was looking for my new mantra/intention for 2017 and I thought back to what has been my motivation all fall (which for me feels like it was part of 2017 thanks to my job which makes me more like a school kid for schedule) and I was listening to one of may favourite new albums, So Let's Go by Alan Doyle. 

And then it hit me, that's what I need, more So Let's Go in my life. 

For me So Let's Go means - 

  • Making the things that matter to me
  • Doing things that matter to me
  • Saying things that matter to me
  • Being with people who matter to me

Rather than just thinking and wanting, sitting on the couch waiting for the world to come to me, I need to look at myself and So Let's Go myself into the world and into what I want. 

For me, So Let's Go, will be words that will help me do what needs to be done.  Whether it means getting up early so I can get in the pool so I can be a stronger swimmer and recertify my Lifeguarding Qualifications, or saying So Let's Go when I need to make myself a nutritious meal and all I want to do is pull a Skip and eat popcorn or when all I want to do is go home and have a Netflix and chill with my cat, I figure out whether I should So Let's Go out with friends or home with my cat.  

Also, So Let's Go is about trying new things, going new places and challenging myself to grow as a person.

SO for 2017 I will be documenting my adventures that come after the worlds So Let's Go here on the blog and on my Instagram.

Okay, here's to 2017 and So Let's Go!